Zhejiang Concorde Group Co., Ltd.

“Concord” was founded in 1981, and now it has formed a group management. With 7 subsidiaries and 1 billion 686 million yuan of total registered capital, the company adheres to the enterprise tenet of “coordinated development, harmonious and win-win”, and the product concept of sincere peacekeeping. In order to manage the benefit, the quality of survival, innovation and development, and the first class science and technology, seven products are formed: color coated products, aluminized zinc products, Galvanized products, cold rolled products, pickling products, horse iron and new non oriented silicon steel products, Concorde products are widely used in construction, automobile, electrical appliances, electricians, electrical appliances, metal products and other industries. The annual output reaches 3 million 800 thousand tons, and the products are well selling all over the world.

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Development History

Company Culture

Corporate Purposes

Coordinated development, harmony and win-win

Management Concept

To manage for efficiency, quality for survival, innovation for development, science and technology for first-class

Operating Strategy

Strictly dedicated, specializing in innovation and striving for first-class products

Core Value

Truth-seeking, pragmatic and win-win cooperation;

Concord Vision

Benefit employees, achieve customers, give back to society

Concorde mission

A century-long enterprise that achieves harmony forever

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Over the years, we have been eager to participate in public welfare undertakings, making the concept of public welfare an important part of corporate culture, promoting the sustainable development of enterprises, and achieving the harmonious development of enterprises and society.

Customer Responsibility

Adhering to the concept of “win-win cooperation and development with one heart”, we aim to achieve win-win results with our partners, actively implement the strategy of cooperation, openness, and win-win, and work together for common development.

Employee responsibility

In line with the principle that only talent is used, practical and feasible incentive policies, training, attracting, and using high-level and outstanding talents, also make each of the employees of the association closely unite and work together.

Aptitude Honor