Caesar salad and anchovies in cheese basket, elevated view

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  1. Andressa says:

    Dr Davis, I have been doing quite a bit of research and am honipg that this wheat belly diet is the ticket for the men in my family. When my husband was in his late 20 s he was denied life insurance because of high blood pressure. His doctor did every test under the sun and could not explain why this healthy, fit young man had high blood pressure so it must be white coat syndrome. Fast forward to today he still has untreated hypertension in the danger zone and now we find that 2 of our sons also have high blood pressure. Both are very fit and active and one recently had a physical for his job and was told he was going to have a hard time getting life insurance. The other was seen by a specialist because his doctor told him he had never seen a young man like him with such high blood pressure. All have been told it is unexplained hypertension’. I recently learned that my father -in-law was also diagnosed with hypertension in his 20 s and was hospitalized for a week to try and determine the cause and was never diagnosed. He takes medication for this blood pressure. There must be an underlying food sensitivity that is common to all of them so we are giving this a try and honipg it will work. My husband is 5 days into the diet now and I hope to enlist the boys as well. Fingers crossed!

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