The rates  for City Cookhouse are listed below:

  • Day Shift (7AM – 4PM) 9 Hours  – $375.00 (After Shift Cleaning Fee Included)
  • Evening Shift (5PM- 11:00PM)  6hours – $350.00 (After Shift Cleaning Fee Included)
  • Overnight Shift(Midnight – 6AM) 5 hours – $250.00 (After Shift Cleaning Fee Included)
  • Discounts offered for more than 10 shifts a month

Please contact us to schedule bulk rate usage of City Cookhouse.  City Cookhouse is looking for talented like-minded chefs, culinary teachers, caterers and other food entrepreneurs to share a full-service commercial kitchen with space sufficient to do anything from hosting cooking classes, cooking parties and culinary tastings, to performing offsite catering tasks, developing restaurant menus and filming cooking demonstrations.    If you, or anyone you know would be interested in pursuing the use of City Cookhouse, please contact us at [email protected] or using the form on our contact page.

Click here to contact us to schedule a tour of City Cookhouse.