City Cookhouse features a full-size kitchen, coupled with an intimate dining and instructional area. We can accommodate up to 25 people in a classroom style setting or up to 50 in a reception setting. The kitchen features restaurant grade state-of-the-art professional appliances including but not limited to the following:

  • A grill, a griddle, a ten-burner gas range, convection and conventional ovens, prep and hand sinks, a microwave, mixers, food processors, an ice maker, a commercial freezer and refrigerator, a dishwasher, rolling storage racks, stainless steel tables, pots, pans, baking equipment, tableware, and utensils
  • Stemware, knives, flatware, and tableware
  • A 40-inch LCD high definition flat screen television that can be used to project cooking demonstrations, logos, recipes, and product information

In additional to the cooking and dining area, City Cookhouse provides food professionals, with access to dry and cold storage, an office space, and bathing and changing facilities.


City Cookhouse provides all the tools and equipment necessary for off-site catering, preparation and the development of great food. As the only full-service commercial kitchen in New York City offering daily and weekly space to caterers, City Cookhouse is the perfect place for caters to grow and further their business.


City Cookhouse serves as an instructional space in which restaurant chefs can practice, master and demonstrate signature dishes. Movable counters, kitchen accouterments and electric city capacity serve the needs of photographers and videographers and allow for users to work efficiently off and on camera.


City Cookhouse is dedicated to providing space for instructional-cooking classes for all types of foods, including but not limited to, organic foods, cakes and pastries, gourmet cuisines, comfort foods, vegan dishes and bread making. The offered courses serve to educate adult students on the many varieties and methods of cooking, and also provide a social dining experience for students. Most of the offered classes provide participants the opportunity to share meals and socialize after class, in an intimate dining area.


At City Cookhouse, parents can enroll children in class or courses designed to expose children to healthy food options, as well as introduce them to different cooking techniques and food preparation. Through a method that inspires learning and drives curiosity, City Cookhouse will introduce and encourage young chefs to the excitement of creating great food. Classes will be offered to students ranging from 8 -17 in age.


City Cookhouse offers chefs, bakers and culinary students a fully equipped kitchen with the space and equipment necessary for recipe development, trending and innovation. The provided state-of-the art equipment will ensure users creations can be cultivated to perfection. Trendsetters can rest assured, as confidentiality is held in the utmost regard at City Cookhouse.